Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I have chosen 'True Blood' as my title sequence that I am going to analyse because it is very eye catching and the images seem to look very effective which makes me want to watch the film. The images in the title suggest that this film is a thiller and it is going to involve killing, children, blood and so on. The tittle already seems to make you feel afraid and the word "blood' suggests people dying. There are 9 images and each one has a different scene to it which tells a different story. This makes me feel anxious and want to watch more to find out what is happening.
In the first two boxes, there are images of animals. This could mean poisoned animals as both of them are not friendly. The snake with its mouth wide open emphasises the danger in the woods and that it could be the cause of the death in the film. The crocodile, which does not look innocent at all, with its eyes opened could mean evil. The lighting in all the images all seem to look very dark. The middle image shows a full moon shining through clouds, this immediately shows danger and keeps us on the edge of our seats throughout the opening scene.
The sound in the title sequence starts off with a blues quitar and the words come later which say ' I want to do something bad to you'. This suggests menacing content of the film and the southern states of America. Also it relates to good and evil as you see religious people involved in services and on the other hand you will also see sexual behaviour and drugs. The music is fast moving as well as the different types of scene shown throughout the title sequence.  There was also a sign that i noticed which said "God hates drugs". It came on for a second then moved onto another scene, this could suggest that drugs are involved in this title sequence which meant why the film looks dangerous. I could see a extreme closeup of smoke coming out of a woman's mouth.
There were many nude imagines of woman being sexual on men and themselves. They were all captured in different shots such as medium, long and close ups. All the scenes were set from varies of places such as the woods which showed the old car and snake. This could tell us that someone could be trapped in the woods. It was a wide shot, the lighting was quite dark making the woods look quite horrifying. Throughout the title sequence, it played theme song till the end which shows there could be happy and exciting things in this film but very suspicious and mysterious. The little boy covered in red was quite threatening as it makes you think that it could be blood and young boys could be in danger. There was extreme closeup shots of different parts of his face such as his eyes and mouth.
Overall True Bloods is quite appealing as it creates curiosity and wonders in the audience. This is because the types of shots that were in the title sequence makes you confused. There are happy,religious and violent scenes. It gives you a variety of mixed emotions and makes you want to know what will happen. 

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