Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Question 6: Tasnim Anisa Ali [EVALUATION]

Audience feedback and comment:
 I believe the response which I had gotten back from my audience is exactly what I and my group had wanted. We wanted our response to seem as if the viewer had never seen such gruesome things and to be honest, most of the feedback did mention how ‘dark’ or ‘red’ it was.

I was also observing the audiences facial expressions. They seemed to be astounded of what was on the screen. Perfection! One element that I think was the cause of them being drowned in into our film would be the pounding up beat music. In contrast to many other films, our film seemed to have the loudest music. The thumping music was well suited well to our film. The sudden fade of music seemed to create tension. Also I had seen that when the viewers saw the mask and the blood on it, they had a slight disgust expression on their face. Wonderful! I was ecstatic as I sat there analysing their reaction. It seemed to have ‘ticked off’ all the boxes that I had on my check list of how I wanted our film to make the audience respond.

I believe that the target audience that we started off with, which was ‘15’ is still the correct age group that we are targeting at. This is because the age group that was watching the film, 16-18, seemed to reflect the film as being well suited for them. I believe that ‘12’ may have been fairly too young as the beginning does seem a bit too much for that age. Whereas ‘18’ would be too ambitious. The reason why I believe ‘15’ would be well suited is because it does not contain ‘pornographic’ content and the film does not need to be under any parental supervision.

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