Saturday, 19 March 2011

Jelly baby animatic

In this lesson, we had to create a short animatic with jelly babies. To be honest I thought this was a stupid idea, but i still had to try my best to atleast enjoy it. Me and my group had to think of ideas of what we could do with the jelly babies. It was pretty hard to get ideas knowing that jelly babies would be involved in it. We finally came up with an idea, which was that a couple had met up and then got married. We had to think of props to use so that the jelly babies could stand up as it did not stay in one place. This was very frustrating, my group did not work that well together. As we wasted time, we had to quickly rush and take many shots as we could. We managed to take LS,MS and close up shots. Overall I do not think this lesson went very well, but atleast we could just get it onto final cut pro and get it over and done with. If I had the chance to change it, I would try to think of more ideas and get the group to talk more and work together properly. 

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