Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Front Analysis: Research

Every font has a different use. For example Serif fonts such as Times and Courier could be used to write a formal letter, it could also indicate that the user is older. Another example is Sans Serif fonts such as Ariel and Comic Sans. These are generally more informal, more moddern and more friendly.

The front Palatino shown in the poster Pearl Harbor suggests that the film could be quite old as the end of each letter is quite sharp in a similar way to Times New Roman. Also the spelling tells us it is an American film as 'Harbor' is spelt in the American way. The font of the title makes it seem less obvious and our eyes are drawn into the airplane and the characters. This is because the front is small compared to the image. On the other hand, by having the characters image at the top, it makes us think about the title more and who the actors might be.

The font Franklin Gothic Heavy  is used in the title Rocky on a white background which emphasises the title because it stands out. The title 'Rocky' is very bold compared to Pearl Harbour which attracts a younger audience as it is more informal. It is a Sans Serif fonts which shows it is modern.    

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