Saturday, 19 March 2011

7th march filming.

Our first day of filming was quite a hassle at first. This was because our group planned to film in Angel, The Stock room but unfortunately they replied back late and rejected us therefore we had to quickly think of another location to film our thriller. Carlos thought of the footballs stock room downstairs on the ground floor in college. It took us atleast half an hour to get it all sorted as we had to run up and down to get Bernald to try and persuade the sercurity guard and the people that was in charge of the stock room to let us use it. When we managed to access it, we started filming quite well. Our group all worked well together as a team and we all also thought of different shots while filming. In my opinion I think that we did quite well as we did not have much time left. We managed to get all the shots we wanted from Carlos, as he was the murderer. The only dissapointment to it was that we did not complete our film, we had to still do more shots of the girl that was going to be killed (me). So we all decided to do it next lesson as we would have more time.

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