Thursday, 24 March 2011

Planning towards our thriller film

As we are approaching the date to commence filming our group began to share thoughts and ideas to use as a possibility towards our film. Evey member of the group contributed until we all decided to produce a psychological thriller; something that would leave the audience feeling shocked, disgusted with an 'eww' as an expression.

Furthermore, we decided to locate our film in a small room, weir we just concentrate on the killer who will always be viewed in all black, white mask, and red/white lighting. The small room was chosen in order demonstrate to the audience more specification on the killers attributes, his mask, the victims death pictures, the lighting, showing everything with great detail and leaving the audience in suspense, wanting to know more and creating questions in their minds, who's the killer? the victim? why is he mental?.

The film will include, close ups of the mask/victim to demonstrate feelings/emotions, long shots of the room and shadows, shot reverse shot of killer and victim, over the shoulder shot of killer, showing the audience everything from the killers point of view

Main attributes

  1. Grim white mask
  2. black suit
  3. dark lighting (white and red)
  4. small room
  5. Blood

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