Thursday, 24 March 2011

Last Day of Editing =))

We’re done! I feel absolutely great. I feel like, after all the hard work, and all the things that we went through, it paid off!! I’m ecstatic, I’m lost for words! I hope my group feels the same as well. After constant hard work and constant editing, we managed to do it!
In my opinion I believe that it was everything that I could have imagined it to be and more. With every edit, we came closer and brought a big smile on our face to be honest. In my point of view, I found it extremely hard using the iMac’s. I would much prefer using the normal computers. But it’s always better to experience new things and learn new things. And since Apple is dominating the technology market, I guess it’s beneficial for all us! =)
Watching our final clip was kind of hard to watch in my point of view to be honest. I found it kind of hard to watch, because it felt like the end of the journey. The responses from all the classmates that were editing beside us were extremely astonished with our video. I guess that was a great advantage to us as we knew we had succeeded what we wanted, that was, making our audiences be proud of the video as we were. =) Thanks Jade, Carlos and Samir for this journey. =))

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