Saturday, 19 March 2011

14th March. Second day of filming.

As we did not complete everything from last lesson, we had to make sure we would finish this in 2 hours. As soon as me and my group got together, we rushed to get our equipment and started our filming. This time was was more organised as Bernard followed us to the basement. He had to come and check on us every 15minutes to make sure everything was okay and so we could get permission to use it again seeing as last lesson it was a complete hassle just to use the basement. This time we was mainly focused on my scene, as I was the one getting killed. In my opinion we did quite well, but slow. In the end we manged to still finish the film. This took probably about an hour and a half. We still a had few minutes left till our lesson ended so I thought to bring all the videos straight to the hard-drive so we wouldn't have to do it next lesson, it saves more time. I enjoy filming as everyone spoke out more, me and my group feel much more comfortable around each other now.

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