Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Another day in Edit :@

Another day in edit! What a headache! But it was great to be honest. It was much better than last time by miles! J We actually did our work without any arguments and we actually got cracking. I was really proud of us! We had done all of the edits to be honest. Well the visual things. All I think we needed to do that was left was all the listening things i.e. the Music and Sound effects. 

Samir came up with a great music which we, as a group, were extremely proud of. We were first put off because we thought of the music as being a bit too hard and too violent. However that way we seemed a bit different. We saw most of the other groups clips and some of the previous years, and witnessed that they all seemed to use the common sort of ‘lullaby’ tune for their main theme tune. The fact that we had a loud thumping tune, made it seem quite different and grabbed most of the listeners attention. The reactions that we had got from our class mates were really positive. For example, there was ‘aaahhh that’s scary’ or ‘oh my god, that sounds freaky’. Listening to these reactions made us feel more confident as we felt that we were going down the right path!

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