Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thriller planning - The Pitch

The film needed to be pitched to the members of staff in the media department to give them an understanding of the idea we had concluded to produce our thriller opening. The pitch consists of a summary as to what we intend to produce, we began by discussing the title 'The death Click' and why we chose that name, followed by a brief outline of the opening, this included an overall view of the film, what was going to happen, how? where? why psychological? and just brief information of the ideas we had all contributed towards the opening of our thriller.

In addition, we also spoke about films which we will use as a reference to our opening, films such as 'silence of the lambs' and 'Batman' which obtain a similar contrast with our film and ideas. The batman is a film which has a character that is viewed as 'grim' (the joker) which at the beginning of the film we don't see his face however only view his body and actions in a small location. 

Mise en scene was the following slide, a simple demonstration on the themes and props that we had in mind to use, of course the white mask, the black suit, the red lighting and the small room all crucial features and main priorities of our film.

Furthermore, we elaborated on the location of the killer, a small room with all the killers props, in this case his mask, blood, table which are very basic but eye catching and important images and features of the killer. Finally we discussed our view on the sound we intended to use; something that would keep the audience on their feet the whole two minutes, looking calm on the outside but really touched on the inside.


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