Friday, 18 March 2011

First Day Of Filming :)

On our first day of filming it was not easy! It was hard putting things right. More importantly, we didn’t have a location. However, that is what groups are for! Our group member Carlos, had suggested that we should use the basement. We all agreed, but the problem was, we were not allowed to access it without a supervisor i.e. our teacher. This was really upsetting! But luck was in our hands today. We were able to use the basement after a lot of convincing and persuading! Finally we had a place to film. We walked into the room and we could only see darkness.

Perfect! The location was brilliant. It was exactly what we wanted and more. The only down thing was, we had only half an hour left to do as much as we can. In my point of  view, for half an hour we had done hell of a lot. We had done the main opening scenes of our film, only thing we had left was the murder scene.

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