Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Introduction to cameras:Skills

In this lesson , I was taught how to work a camera, the principals and the key elements of it. My class started of by watching a presentation that was introduced by my teacher Bernald. I started of by learning the basics such as inserting the battery and the memory card. I also had to place the camera on the tripod which I have never done before so I was glad that I learnt that. The tripod was quite complicated to set up but i managed to get through it at the end. I did not realise that I could tilt the camera and twist it left and right while it was placed on the tripod.

At first when the teacher demonstrated how to work the camera, as in change the effects and adjusting the colours to look natural and consistent. I did not really understand but my group helped me out. I had to remember the buttons for auto focus (AF) and manual focus (MF). These two are both different things which I learnt. AF is when the camera focus itself and MF is when you, yourself is doing the focus. We were also demonstrated how to capture varies of shots such as medium and close ups. Pan and tilt shots were also included as they were more difficult to figure out. I had to practice and keep the camera steady. The group and I all took turns to work the camera and helped each other throughout the lesson. I learnt many new things and I am pleased that I can now work the camera.

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