Saturday, 19 March 2011


This was our first practice film that we had to do. We were all giving different task, and our groups task was based on a newspaper. We had to think of a idea involving a newspaper. Our group spoke out different things, and we all gave our own opinions. We managed to think of a comedy, which was basically Samire (main character) going into the toilet reading a newspaper while me, Anisa was spying on him, trying to embarrass him. I think we done very well, especially because it was our first time making our own scene. We captured many different shots such as LS, MS,CU and so on. We also done over the shoulder shot which was good.  We worked well as a group and managed to edit the film peacefully without no arguments or disagreements. I really enjoyed this lesson, as we all had laughter and fun. We all engaged together, edited the film and finished it in one lesson. I really hope this carries on like this, as we were all happy of the outcome.

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