Friday, 25 March 2011


To begin with, we found it very difficult to obtain a location as we had planed,  we rang safe storage and made an appointment to go down and film, however on the day of filming it was not possible for the company to lend us a unit. Due to this situation, we spoke to our supervisor and asked if it was possible to use the college basement, we made arrangements and despite the fact we weir unable to use it on that day, we used our time wisely and carried on planning so on the day we had everything clear in regards to what we had to film.
In addition, when the day of filming arrived we well prepared and everyone had their
 priorities. As an A grade drama student in secondary school we decided i should fill the role of the killer, we firstly started by filming the entrance to the killers room, we used an over the shoulder shot to make the audience feel the presence of the killer walking into a dark red room, creating the feeling somethings going to happen or jump out any second.
Furthermore, we used shadows to demonstrate suspense as the killer puts on his mask, personally i fond this original because to what i have seen so far, none has done the same. 

In my opinion, our film does not have major images or varies locations however, we have used one location two characters and have a made a film that leaves the audience wanting to watch more, we tried to make it specific, detailed but confusing, thats what we wanted, leaving the audience not knowing whats going on, lost, but intrigued from the second it started.

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