Friday, 25 March 2011

Editing our thriller


After having finished our filming, we then proceeded to the editing which is one the main attributes in to leaving the film awesome. Final cut pro enabled us produce an organised well presented clip, we began uploading every shot we took followed by analyzing the clips and the began to put everything into place. 

At first, it seemed we could not get everything in order, like as if we weir lacking shots, however it was not the occasion and after a quick run through of all the clips, we started to work on the the door handle, something we have worked on in previous lessons and now trying to produce it to perfection. 

Furthermore, we made many scenes slow motion to provide more effect on the audience, like for example on the mask, we produced a slow motion close up building that tension, that feeling of suspense towards the audience. 

On the other hand, i found it difficult to use final cut pro, i had very good ideas to contribute, however not so good with the computers, so i shared my ideas with the group and then they will teach me how to use the pro gramme.

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