Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Editing of ‘The Deaths Click’ :

Editing is extremely hard to be honest! I can’t believe how much hard work it is. One thing that I found was extremely hard was putting all our ideas together and having to agree on certain things! We had a lot of quarrels to be honest on what we wanted and how we wanted. This is probably the first time that us, as a group, had faced this.
Final Cut Pro, didn’t make it much better as well! We kept fighting over the mouse at certain points! To be honest, we also found Final Cut Pro rather hard to use as well. One of the main problems we had was when we would accidently change the positioning of the timeline. We found this such a hassle as we had to keep undoing everything majority of the time. We then turned to our teacher for help when he showed us the ‘lock’ key on the panel beside the timeline. This was a life saver! Funny how one click of a button could do this ain’t it! Anyways first day of Editing... Not good. But we’re getting there!  

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