Saturday, 19 March 2011

Rough cut editing.

Me and my group started very late to do everything, as we had problems with finding a location, filming & the equipment in the previous lesson. So today was our final day of our rough cut, I was really worried that me and my group would not get this done with less than 3 hours. We did not start editing at all seeing as we only finished filming last lesson. So we had to rush and try to work as a group to edit the film. This did not go well at first, our group had arguments about where to place the parts and which parts to cut out. Everyone had their own opinion, but luckily we all finally managed to settle down as listen to each other. First we all worked with editing the scenes, then we realized no one was doing the tittles therefore two people had to. Anabel picked me and Carlos, this was not a good idea, me and Carlos was stuck on how to do the titles. Even though we did learn it through,it was still very complicated. There were a lot of things to remember. I only managed to do one title only. I was disappointed, hopefully next lesson I will get more help with the titles.

In the end of the lesson, we still did not complete all our editing but we managed to do most. So far it looks quite impressive in my opinion. Me and my group are not really happy with what we got therefore we are deciding to come in to college on the days we are free, to get everything finished. I really hope this will turn out good and that we will get this finished before Friday.

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