Tuesday, 15 March 2011



Finding a location was difficult.  We were let down at the last minute as our booked venue rejected us.  We thought we could do it in the basement of the college, so we went to get permission from our teacher Bernard and needed to fill out a health and safety and managed to convince the security guards to let us film there. After me running   up and down the stairs 5 times, they agreed to let us but Bernard checked on us regularly. We found the perfect location to film in because it had everything we needed such as a dark room. We prepared quickly and put our ideas into action. Our character need a mask so we thought to get a plain white theatre mask and cover it with blood.
After sorting out the lighting as Anisa brought in a torch and we got a red filter to go over it. We thought of all the different shots we could take setting up the beginning of our film.
Our first shot was the back of a unknown man and the camera never saw his face. Our initial shot consisted of us setting a dark and creepy tone by use of lighting sound and setting, as we knew we could make it great with final cut pro, by adding music to build up suspense and add titles. Our idea was that the unknown man was a killer who kept photos in his lair of those who he had killed. He puts on a mask to conceal his identity and we made good use of shadows and uncertainty to build suspense.  We thought that when he picked up a photo he would remember the screaming of that victim and it would go back to when they died.

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