Friday, 8 April 2011

Question 8: Tasnim Anisa Ali [EVALUATION]

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

In order to make the audience satisfied, we need to present our film in a way that they would most enjoy it and recommend other people. 
And these are some of the main issues that we need to bare in mind to make our film a success:

Now, without the audience who else do we show our film to? That is why the key thing to do is to make sure that the audience are focused and entertained with what is being shown on the screen. We also need to make sure that the things that we will be presenting is aimed at the right audience.
For Example:
Age 12: This film is recommended for persons with or over 12 years of age. May contain   mild inappropriate language, mild sexual innuendo, or mild violence.  
Age 15: This film is recommended for persons with or over 15 years of age. May contain strong language, sexual innuendo and/or mild sex with or without mild nudity, strong violence, or moderate scenes of or allusions to drug use.   
Age 18: This film is forbidden for people younger than 18 years of age. It may contain strong language, explicit sexual content, frequent nudity, strong violence, or explicit scenes of drug abuse.

With representation we have to make sure that all the editing, all the different camera angels and shots we have done, should some together and be something that is presentable to the targeted audience. Since our age rating was 15, we had to make sure that the film looked just right. So that means we couldn't have something that was too explicit or something that was too boring and childish like. 

This graph shows that some of the main elements to make a film successful would be the GENRE, ACTORS and ADVERTS (How it is advertised).

As i had answered in Question 4 & 5, some of the ways we would advertise our film would be through socializing websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and more.

Also in order to fit the genre that we are going for, which is a psychological thriller, is by using some the basic elements of it. Such as:

These are all the typical conventions used in a psychological killing. Furthermore, the gender choice seems to be typical as well:

Male --> Killer                              Female --> Vicitm


As you can see, both these camera shots and camera angles are very similar with each other. They both are panning around the characters. I believe that the preliminary video was good. However the final video seemed a bit more well structured and well presented. I believe this is because, through watching our preliminary film, we had noticed some of the editing mistakes and some of the areas that we could have improved. By analyzing this, we had put it into our final video which helped make this a success. This camera angle had, in a sense, made our film a bit more exciting and intriguing as well as it had built suspension as well.

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