Friday, 8 April 2011

Question 4+5 EVALUATION


This clip is made by a student who studies at a private school, personally, i find the clip boring and plain and see my film 20 times better however, this student has gone the correct way in terms of distributing and advertising his clip. Of course the clip is of low budget so therefore he has to think of the ways to attract and target his audience,   the title of the film is 'As Media  coursework GRADE A, this automatically draws attention of any audience due to the 'GRADE A' portraying the film to be really good.

Furthermore, this student did not have many options to distribute and advertise his film, the best way to reach hes target audience was by uploading the clip on social networks such as Facebook, twitter or creating a blog so that people can view his film. On the other hand, the student decided to upload his video on you tube, having said that, once his clip is viewed by many on social networks the word of mouth will spread and to be honest what teenager does not view you tube!

In addition, the fact that the clip has been viewed 19,388 times demonstrates that the clip must be entertaining, this will be make more people view the film as it has a good status or good amount of viewers, so what does that mean? it basically means that the film has a good background, it has a strong profile and positive feedback so therefore expanding its viewers each time and building the possibility to be viewed by an important member of the film industry.

Main social networks to distribute clips 

  • YouTube – set up own page where people can watch videos and give feedback
  • Twitter – can post up links to their videos
  • Facebook – people can post their videos etc
  • MySpace – people can add videos onto their page
These sites above can be used to show adverts to create,
  • Fan pages – this can be used to build a fan base; as the more people that like the page fan base will increase. Consequently when anyone looks at the page, it may draw their attention and perhaps encourage them to watch the video.
  • Share videos
  • Mini trailers – a summary of the film
Lastly we could also use shared screenings:
·         DVD releases of the film
·         Candi website advertisements
·         Blogs
·         Pops ups
·         Independent film festivals
·         Adverts on student union websites
·         Ads in local newspapers
·         Posters and flyers across the country.  

These are all possible ways of advertisement which are not of high cost and will definatley help increase the popularity of a film like mine. 

Competitions are one of the main ways to help distribute, promote and sale you film to a wider audience, many sites pay good money and help broadcast your film to increase the possibility of the film reaching a higher view cinematic release and a higher budget distribution company. 

Sites like


To conclude, i believe to distribute our film we would have to go on and do it the same way, use all the social networks, enter competitions, film festivals which are all low cost but great advertisement specially as our target audience are constantly using these social networks.

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