Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question 3: Tasnim Anisa Ali [EVALUATION]

Name: Nilima
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
About her:
Nilima, on the left, is the type of girl who likes to explore the different sort of genres in films. She extremely enjoys watching something that is exciting and unique as she likes to stay entertained. One of the films she found extremely scary would be, of course, the most common, ‘The Exorcist’. She’s into all the supernatural films and all the films to do with paranormal activity. She tends to go out a lot and likes to shop around. She hates window shopping. She finds window shopping as a ‘tease’ so she always has a bundle of money with her. She goes to different areas around London and likes to explore different areas with her friends. 

Why is she a good example:
The reason of why I chose Nilima to be an example of my target audience is because her personality seems to be quite girly and a typical teenage girl. To be honest our film seems to be quite an action packed film, something that could gain great interest with boys. The music that we have in our film seems to be quite a hard, drum and bass. However Nilima is not like this. She tends to listen to her love songs and songs with ‘meanings’ therefore she may find the music that is used in the film, revolting.

I had thought at first that both genders would have liked the film that we have made as long as they were 15 years old. But now I have realised that our film would appeal to certain people. It actually depends on their personal interest. As I have shown above, Nilima would not be well suited to watch this film. However, I still believe that the majority of teenagers would be interested to watch something like this as teenagers have that active mind. Therefore enabling them to have that strong attraction to do things which are exciting. One of them could be to watch our film :).

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