Friday, 8 April 2011

Question 4 & 5

To distribute our media product we would need to be backed by a well known distribution company such as 'Twisted Productions' who produced saw. They would probably take us because of the style in which our film has been made.

If i took a different approach and wanted to distribute it myself, i would enter it into various film festivals and competitions to get it known and liked by a wide audience. If it won the film festival that is a major advantage and when we released/made the trailer it would support us by saying it has been discovered in such a way it has won awards. Alternatively we could put the trailer on youtube, send the link around the web on friends blogs, social network sites and put them on other youtube channels and hope it goes viral. By having the video on youtube we can attract more people to view it if we put keyword such as festival award winning in the title. 

We could also advertise our film quite cheaply by have adverts on the internet before the most viewed videos meaning a large majority will see it. Other forms of adverts i would consider to be way to expensive and unsuitable for such a small production, unless it was back by a well known distribution company.

I would also make a limited number of DVD's and distribute them to various companies/ people that could help back my film. These methods would make sure my film would be successful as it has been proven with students that go private schools and actually hire actors to star in there thrillers. A example of this is:

I believe my thriller is much more thrilling than this example but this video has still got a considerable amount of views

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