Friday, 8 April 2011


SEVEN is a clip that we can really compare with and have many similarities, we have developed the use of conventions with our clip through the use representation and icons, the mask in our film represents the hidden identity of the killer. On the other hand, the pictures also provide the audience with a sense of narrative representation as indicates to the audience an immediate image that the character behind the mask is evil, in a way its confirmation that the character is evil and not creating a stereo type image no more. 

The opening of a film is very important, it either makes the audience intrigued and wanting to carry on or makes them not want to pay attention. We tried to make our opening  strong by having major impact on the audience, combining sound, representation, icons to make it really effective.  

Furthermore, the location of seven and our film portraits that image bad 'scary' as our target audience call it  as we provide a long shot of the room from the start, introducing to the audience a view that would make them start thinking ideas of what that room involves, the darkness, the red lights, the mask on the table, all playing with the audience imaginations.

In the same way, sound also gives atmosphere to the opening, it creates tension and suspense keeping the audience wanting to know more at all times, at the edge of the seats.

A critic named Stanley Kauffmann was giving his ideas on what makes a classic opening and he stated that “the classic opening to a film is first the Establishing Shot of the city like New York, followed by the tilting shot of the Building from bottom to top, and then through the window to the reception to the main office where the story begins.”

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