Monday, 4 April 2011

Question 1: Tasnim Anisa Ali [EVALUATION]

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media?

The way i believe that our Thriller challenges the forms and conventions of real products and conventions is the way we had used some ideas from our favorite thriller openings and had recreated to something of our own. I think in my point of view, as we were filming, we had started gaining different ideas of how we would film certain areas. There were areas such us Locations, Mise en Scene and Sound that we had to think closely about. For example, the Shadow scene of the Mask. To be honest, we had no intention that we wanted to record the shadows. As the camera woman, whilst i was filming, i could see that the shadow seemed to look intriguing. I had told my group about it and we all agreed that the shadow effect was a pretty radical idea and we should go for it.
I believe the soundtrack was something that we had found to be quite a challenge. We had seen that mostly psychological thrillers start off with a slow mellow tune. As good as that was, we thought it was too common. We wanted something different. Something that would actually be really enticing and create a tense atmosphere. This is when our group member Samir had suggested us with this soundtrack. It was great! It was unique!It was perfect. The unusual thing that was, although it made the group ecstatic, was that we did not have to cut or crop any part of the music. It fell in beautifully with our film! Well done Samir!
I believe that we had faced many different challenges in which we had fought through successfully and even though some of the areas had been used in some other real thriller openings, i believe that ours had a sense of uniqueness which caused our feedback to be positive!

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