Friday, 8 April 2011

Question 2

I will comparing the similarities and differences between my film 'The Deaths Click' and 'Se7en'.

  • Se7en uses more effects such as distorting the image, slipping out of focus or mirroring it at certain points to enhance interest and suspense. 
  • The colours used are different, Se7en at first is lighter, and only fades to a red wash when the photos are being developed. By doing this it contrasts the two different atmospheres the director whats to create. 
  • In Se7en the actor is doing more to keep you interested. As a posed to our film where the audience has to keep on guessing what the killer is doing. We intentionally made it difficult to see what the man was doing. This added a great effect of uncertainty.
  • The red in our film is there to represent bloodshed, such as the victims blood on his mask. a picture is shown of one of his victims in a pool of blood. However in Se7en it is there to show he is developing his pictures of his victims, rather than already giving a sense of blood/murder.

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