Friday, 8 April 2011

EVALUATION: QUESTION 3: Who would be the audience for your media product?

Nicole who is 17 years old, currently studying at City&Islington sixth form enjoys spending most of her time out with her friends and family. She studies A levels doing 3 courses, textiles, media and photography. She is a very out going person who loves to shop and is very interested in the fashion industry. Her favorite retail shops are Topshop, River Island and Bershka. She is also a very big fan of going cinemas, in a month she would probably go 4 times. The types of movies shes most likely would watch are thrillers, horrors and comedies. Her ambition is to become a fashion journalist or a film director. Nicole is very up to date with the fashion trend as she loves to be different and try out new styles.

Nicole tends to socialize with many people and get to know them through Facebook and twitter. Her everyday items she brings in a bag are her blackberry, purse, oyster and iPod. She travels to college by bus as her journey is only 30minutes long. Nicole loves to explore different things and try out many food that is not her race.

The reason why I have chosen Nicole as my example of my target audience is because she seems very outgoing and my thriller has a up beat music which would get her on the edge of her seats. She's a bubbly person and would love to watch films such as our one. She likes to watch things that gets her confused and makes her think therefore I reckon this thriller would make her want to find out more and be very exciting. This would suit her so much because she loves films that makes her jump. She is quite but then again she likes to step up her game and would take risk to try new things.

Overall I think Nicole would watch our thriller because it excites her. Infact both genders are suitable to watch this film. The age is perfectly fine because the film is not that raw, you do not see the exact killing but you will know who is the killer. By her watching it with her friends, as she loves to hang out with big groups, I think she would enjoy it even more.

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