Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION: QUESTION 6: Audience feedback and comment.

wordle+ting.jpg (1070×698)
This is a word cloud of all the different discriptions of our film. This feedback from the audience provided the group with a satisfying response due to the main attributes that stood out catched the attention of our target audience.

The main words that stood out the most are , red, dark and scary. This made us feel positive about our film.   Our group feels that we have succeeded and we are all proud to say that we have tried the best of our ability. Our group recorded peoples response of our film for evidence. This shows that our film was successful. Many people said that They would pay for this film and would want to watch more, I am very pleased that no one gave any negative feedback at all.  There are a few clips that we have recorded of people, which you will see on the blog.

Overall, with the help of teachers and students opinions, it made us think very positive and proud.

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