Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Batman Title Sequence


The opening of the batman is a film that has helped us in many ways to produce our clip, the film commences and finishes with the hidden identity of the joker, this represents a stereo typical image that the character behind everything is evil, why? The use of icons help demonstrates to the audience that representation through the use of a mask, knife, blood, props and lighting. 

These two icons represent the hidden identity of both killers, the mask is never taken off creating that strong atmospheric opening and potential impact at the start of the clip. A critic named Stanley Kauffmann was giving his ideas on what makes a classic opening and he stated that “the classic opening to a film is first the Establishing Shot of the city like New York, followed by the tilting shot of the Building from bottom to top, and then through the window to the reception to the main office where the story begins.”

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