Friday, 8 April 2011

EVALUATION: QUESTION 4&5: What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

I believe that to start of promoting my film I would use social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and twitter. This is because in these modern days, nearly everyone uses these online network to get in contact with people.  YouTube has a very big impact on the world because many things you want to find out or learn is also on there other than Google.
I find YouTube a good source to attract my target audience to watch my thriller is because it gets around very easily. First of all YouTube tells you how many views have watched it and you could also like the film and give feedback by leaving a comment. This helps the person to learn more and to change the film better if it was not that well presented. The more films you make the more fans you get therefore to start of with a low budget student video on YouTube is a good idea. You could also get subscribers which are like your fans, they follow you to get them up to date with all your films.

Here is an example that I have found, a student has made a film and posted it on youtube. She has got 41,632 and so far all her comments seem to be very positive. She has got 125 subscribers which suggests that she is doing a good job. This is a very good way to attract the audience attention and gain a better experience of making more films.

Another example that I would use to address my audience is Facebook. Everyone uses Facebook and knows about it. It is a good source because similar to Youtube, you can upload videos, comment with feedbacks and also pass it on to friends. You can share the video, make events and create groups to make it even better. Facebook is mainly for your friends therefore your friends could be a good help my passing it on. 

I think the best way to promote students film is to start of small by telling your friends and asking the to share it on Facebook and Youtube. This way you will slowly get fans and become known for what you do.

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