Sunday, 3 April 2011

Question 6 EVALUATION...... Feedback :)

To commence our media lesson we weir informed we would watch everyones finished clips and write a short feedback based on an overall conclusion of the clip, this consisted speaking about the mise en scene, sound, editing, and all the key attributes of the film.

The audience feedback was a perfect reflection on the stereotypical image we wanted to present, we made a word cloud as shown above to demonstrate the main words that the audience used to describe our clip. Red, dark and scary are the principal words that the audience used to describe our film, this demonstrates to us that the impact we needed on the audience was successful, we wanted the red lighting to create a tense atmosphere, with suspense keeping them at the edge of their feet throughout the whole film remembering, that red light.

Furthermore, after having viewed our film in the cinema i feel proud to say, that everyone cheered and applaud our clip, as a group that makes us feel very happy to know that all our hard work payed off. On the other hand, having known our clip touched our target audience with the main aspects we had in mind, makes us feel very satisfied in a way that we reached our target audience which was teenagers over the age of 15.

This student commented on the film after being viewed at the cinema and stated ' i would pay to view the film' insinuating to us the film was of great impact to our audience, specially being said from a member of our target audience.


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