Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Question 2 Evaluation

The 'joker', a character from the film 'The Dar knight' has been an inspiration and admiration to help us with our opening clip. This character plays a role of a hidden identity through the use of a mask, this icon (mask) provides a stereo typical thought to the audience demonstrating the character must be acting wrong for the reason he does not show his real identity. 

In addition, we decided to make our killer dress in dark colors, this can also lead to a stereo type image that the character is bad, in comparison to the joker who also dresses in dark colors providing that negativity thought  to the audience. 

Furthermore, the 'joker' plays a role weir at time tries to interact with the audience through the use of comedy and actions of laughter, however, our character plays the same role of evil and death throughout the clip, the audience view this through the use of props, (dark colors) and the red lighting signifying blood and death.

I have taken this image from seven which has a comparison to our opening clip through the use of close ups and the interpretation of blood, insinuating a stereo typical image that the character represents evil, death, killings and a negative view.
In addition, the only differences between these two pictures are the the way blood is presented, in seven we see the killer cut himself and bleed however, in our clip the killer is cleaning the mask whit blood, to conclude both images blood is seen negative and the immediate stereo type image is created in the audience minds that someones been murdered.

In the same way, the red lighting in both the clips seven and ours (the death clip) portrays  the same interpretation, the red lights provides that feeling of tension and fear, evil and blood insinuating the story of the clip is negative.

Furthermore, the red lighting gives that stereo type image to the audience of death, it commences to create negative thoughts in their minds which was we wanted to achieve, and as a feedback from the audience one of the main words that stayed in their minds was red.

Another important aspect that can be compared with the opening clip of seven is the use of shadows, these images have varies interpretations but the principal one is the demonstration of a hidden identity, a view of a stereo typical image.

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