Friday, 8 April 2011

EVALUATION: QUESTION ONE: In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The death's click


I have decided to compare my media product which is 'The Death's Click' with Seven.  This is because there are many similarities that I have seen such as the titles. To start of, both titles are both and has an effect to it which makes the film look more scary. It is both white and has a blur to the letters. This already shows that it is a thriller. The way we had developed this was using intertexuality from another film. We challenged the forms and conventions by adding the closest title style we could find and thats what made parts of our thriller successful and real to other media products. 

Another thing that made a big impact on our thriller is the colours we used to edit and the props. We have seen the opening of 'Seven' and we took many ideas from it such as the imagines and the lighting which was quite dark but red. Red suggests blood and evil which we thought would work out quite well and it did. However, the challenging part of making it look like real media products was to get the red light looking realistic. We was not too sure if it would come out well but from all the feedback and comments which realized that it fit in straight away and looked so horrifying. To develop our thriller, we also added bright white lights flashing onto the mask. This shows more excitement and curiosity. 

 We figured out that if 'Seven' used the mini knife as the main prop. We could also use something which we chose the mask. The way the man was fiddling around with the knife made it look really sick and disgusting as his hands were dry and the knife was sharp. For our thriller, we developed and challenged forms and conventions by fiddling with the mask and having blood dripping down to it. This shows that he is the killer and he is up to no good. It creates tension and superstition, this suggests that he has already killed someone. 

Overall, I think we used intetexuality well by developing each shot and challenging ourself to make it look more realistic and of our own. By all the feedbacks, I think we would fit well to make it look like a real media product. 

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