Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question 1

I have chosen to compare a select few clips from our thriller to that of the film, se7en.  Inoticed that in the film the use of red lighing highlights the intencity of certain scenes, drawing the viewer in.  the colour red , is effective tool because it evokes feelings such as rage and passion. It also symbolised the colour of blood.  It catches peoples attention, indicating a sence of emergencey, danger and other negative situations. However red can be used in a positive way to gain more viewers by grabing their attention, as it can be used in a positive way as it is also associated with the colour of flowers e.g. roses.    

The use of shadow has been an effective way of creating suspense, some of the most famous and memorable  examples of this are 'psycho, the shower scene,  and Nosferatu when he is creeping up the stairs to the bed room. It is a good effect because you can see the shadowed figure, which more more often than not is menacing. Creating suspense because you can't see there faces adding elements of un-ease and also making the audience curious. This sense of mystery is one of the conventions of a stereotypical murderer found in thrillers.

The style of the titles in our film and Se7en are very similar as they are both slightly distorted, messy and creepy. As they are coming up on the screen they quiver and look like they are vibrating. Whilst adding a professional effect, the titles add a sense of suspense and add to the overall effect of the film.

I chose to compare these pictures in particular because they both come under the conventions of a stereotypical murderer in a thriller. They are both concealing there identity, in ours he uses a mask to hide his face from victims, while the camera never sees a shot of his head unless he has his mask on. Similarly in the opening of Se7en you see only his hands, at first it looks as if he is playing with the razor, but as the credits roll, you realise he is cutting off his finger tips so that he cannot be traced at any crime scene. 

In any opening of films, be it horror thriller, the audience is drawn in by using imagery thats typical to the 'behaviour' of a killer. e.g. cutting up newspapers and hoarding them. 

A typical 
we took the characteristics of a conventional murder when creating ours. we chose to use a basic mask as it is the most effective rather than having a more elaborate one.  Films that have used these include, Jason, Friday the 13th, chainsaw massacre and Scream.  

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