Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question 6

In our media lesson we were asked watch each others final films and to write comments and feedback.
The two questions we had to answer when we wrote about each others film was. How did it make you feel
and what were the good points about it. After we had all made notes about each others films, 
we got our groups answers people had wrote about us and we decided to make a WORDLE. This a 
good way to portray feedback and comments from our classmates. This was a very satisfying response
and made us feel confident as this was the look we had gone for. The only negative point we recieved
is that sometimes you couldn't fully see what has happening due to a very dark shot. We had done
this on purpose to make the audience curious and to add suspense to our thriller. 
In the cinema our film was a lot better quality than our final edit. This helped a lot as the film was
clearer, flowed better and the dark bits weren't to dark to enjoy the film.

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