Friday, 21 January 2011

Introduction to Cameras: skills

Introduction to Cameras: skills

The class weir firstly introduced to a presentation on the principals and key elements on how to use a camera, attributes such as learning how to insert the battery, memory card, how to use the tripod, how and when to use auto focus (AF) which is a term that interpret ates the camera focus by itself and also manual focus (MF) which means you, yourself doing the focusing.

In adition, we also learnt carefully and in more depth, how to put the camera into the tripod ans secure it giving the footage a more stabled view. We weir then demonstrated how to bring and use all the camera terminology we have been working on into practise,  for example how to capture a medium shot, close up, extreme close up, long shot,  and other key shots such as pan (side to side camera movement) tilt (up and down camera movement) zoom (in and out camera movement - for example closer and more distant) and white balance ( adjusting the colours until the look natural and consistent) all helping develop and produce excellent footage and also provide a wide understanding of  how to use a camera and the different type of camera movements.

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