Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sub-Genre’s of ‘Thriller’:

There are many different types of Thriller movies:
·         Psychological Thriller
·         Disaster Thriller
·         Legal Thriller
·         Medical Thriller
·         Mystery Thriller
·         Crime Thriller
·         Disaster Thriller
·         Erotic Thriller
·         Supernatural Thriller
·         Conspiracy Thriller
I really enjoy watching Psychological thriller because I really enjoy watching films that are associated with the mind and how someone could be mentally disturbed. I found it really enjoyable to watch. I watched ‘One Hour Photo’ recently and I found it absolutely a pleasure to watch. I enjoyed watching how the main character is psychologically disturbed and why he is like that. In a way it’s kind of scary, however it is much more suspenseful knowing what things that he might do because of his mental state.

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