Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Analysis of ‘What Lies Beneath’

‘What Lies Beneath’ seems to have a sense of a supernatural sense to it.
The clip which I had watched was an opening of the film. However, from the opening I could catch some of the techniques that are used in order to make the film look like a thriller.
An example of this was by the use of edit used in the opening. An example of this would be when the name of the film had appeared onto the screen, it had the effect of water with it. This could be done in order to give the audience a sense of an insight of what the film would be about. Suddenly, we see the lady’s face appear onto the screen. This would be quite a shock for us as the face is closely zoomed in therefore it would be focused on her face. In my point of view, the fact that her face was under water, could possibly be ‘foreshadowing her death’.
Like most movies, there are soundtracks in the beginning of their film. The soundtrack that plays seems to sound quite eerie, almost if we know that there is danger lurking around. It is a sort of warning to the audience, to tell us that there may be something that is going to occur soon. The constant notes being played make the mood seem that there is more tension and that it is approaching to the main climatic part.
It’s quite dramatic, in my point of view, of how quickly the camera changes it’s distant of recording the important person on the scene which is the lady. The camera starts off with an extreme close up on her face however drastically changes to a long shot. We see the camera also zooming up to her and coming closer. The reason of why I believe this might have been done is possibly to foreshadow her death and because the camera is coming closer, gives a sense that danger is gradually coming closer to her. Also because she is the only person in the shot shows that she could be the main target as she seems to be quite tiny in the shot as there are bigger objects surrounding her. In a sense makes her seem quite vulnerable.
I believe the opening clip of ‘What Lies Beneath’ highlights some of the parts of the film however you have to visualise the clip in depth to grasp the idea.

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