Sunday, 30 January 2011

Title Sequence Analysis: Enemy of the State

The reason of why this opening sequence inspires me is because it seems really eye catching; something that grabs your attention really quickly. The various different movements of the camera; the panning, zoom up and tilting all seem to grab the audience’s attention and make it seem all really moving. I liked the font that was used. It seemed really unique and unusual, almost is if it was being written in a different language. The bird’s eye view and the different flashing lights that came onto the screen make it seem as if we are in the film. The fast paced music and the different tempos in which it played in, helps to show the main aspects of the film. For example when it showed us Washington Dc at 0:58seconds, there is a quick dramatic thud which could make the audience suggest that Washington Dc may create a great impact on this film. In the title sequence we see crucial information of people who were involved in the making of the film such as the Actors e.g Will Smith, Editor, D.O.P, Co-Executive Producer, Producer, Written by and many more. The film title is placed in the beginning of the film. The reason of why I really like this opening the most is because of the way it is unique and it looks as if it really action-packed, something that I would enjoy watching. The music helps to bring out the tension in the film and helps to make the film seem busy, but mostly because it grabbed my attention. It felt as if I was in the ‘zone’. It was great!

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