Friday, 28 January 2011

Analysing Practice video THE NEWSPAPER

As part of learning the introduction to cameras, editing and sound, my group had to produce a video and integrate all the key elements we had learnt in class. Our key feature was a newspaper, we had to set a scene and produce a video on this theme, so not wanting to make it so cleshay i.e spy or a casual man reading the daily paper, we had the scene based in a toilet, producing funny comedy footage with all the main attributes learnt.

We used a variety of camera angles, for example in the first scene we had an over the shoulder shot of the male entering the toilet, an edit was then followed of him inside the toilet then including a low camera shot, showing him as he sits down and takes of his trousers.

In addition, we also used point of view shot and over the shoulder shot mixed, to combine and create the feeling of the audience being part of the action and to view what he is viewing which in this case is the newspaper. We introduced close ups of the males facial expressions, showing the audience he is going through a hard time, producing comedy and laughter. unfortunately, we did not get as much time to integrate sound into the video however, we did get the opporunity to use the programme and learn more about its features for our feature videos.

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