Monday, 24 January 2011

Detailed analysis of thriller clip analysed in class. WHAT LIES BENEATH

What lies beneath starts of with a very dark background, blurred everywhere and a slow sound with water running. This immediantly suggests that this thriller is going to be about death. The darkness already shows that danger is coming its way, also because of the smokiness, this makes it seem as if someone is trapped in a place. However, we suddenly see her waking up from a bath, this tells us that maybe she is in danger therefore she drownded herself my accident. The water spashing,giving us a shock and the eyes poping out shows that this could be a foreshadow of her dying soon. Because many films have started of in a bathroom, it makes the audience think that someone could be in there with her. The sound of people talking shows that she could be feeling guilty therefore her consious in her making her affraid and shocked. As soon as she gets up from the bath,the sound stops and she is breathing very fast. Also the camera pan towards her creating tension of how serious this could be. She takes a deep breath, suggesting that she has survived, this tells us that she might have been followed, espicially by the camera going forward it makes it look more dramatic and exciting.

When she gets up, and the blowdryer turns of, it gives us an idea that someone is close enough to kill her. The hairdryer then gives her an electric shocks, by that, it is getting tense and makes the audience feel more worried and excited. The camera slowly moving around to the mirror, facing it to see her face suggest that someone is right next to her and about to pop up. Tension is created in many ways, by now the audience will think her life is about to end. A lot of digetic sound have been used such as the hairdryer and the water. There were also many different types of shots used in the film such as extreme close-up which was showing her eyes, medium shot which showed her drying her hair and also paning, which was slowly zooming in the bathroom towards her.

Overall i think this film had a lot of tension coming up and it gave the audience shock espically because of the camera angles and the non-digetic sounds at the begining.

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