Sunday, 23 January 2011

3 Examples of Suspenseful Moments in ‘The Stepfather’

One of the examples would be when the old lady gets attacked. I think this is done quite cleverly as the different hints of the old ladies death was gradually being built up by the false plateau that was present. We see the old lady closing the door and when she turns around, the cat jumps out and strikes the audience. With this, it helps to get the audience engaged into the film as this would question the audience on when they believe the murder would actually take place. However, tensions rises as the music seems to sound much more heavily and seems to sound fast paced.
Then finally when the old lady bends over for the last time to reach out to the cat, we get an over the shoulder from the lady on to the mirror where we witness David standing behind her ready for the KILL.
I found this moment extremely suspenseful because I could tell myself that the lady was going to die. Only thing was how? Where? We knew that the old lady was going to be the victim as we could have a lot of point of view shots from the murderer. We knew she was being watched... Only question was, when will she know?

                Another would be when the ex-husband got hit by David. The reason of why I really enjoyed this scene was because, the ex-husband had kept repeatedly, call for David. In addition, with every call, there was a POV shot from the ex-husbands view of the different places he was looking at for David. There were slight panning present in order to show the direction of the way his eyes were moving constantly. This gave me a sense of anticipation, because as I was watching this, I could not wait any longer. I was on the edge of my seat as I wanted to know when the climax would kick in.
                Probably around the 4th call, we see David in a CU shot. This was quite shocking as the shot was closely focused on his face. Therefore it would immediately strike the audience as there was nothing on the screen but David’s face.
                In a sense, I found this was quite predictable. There are films which had this sort of scene therefore it was something that you knew that was coming. Rather than something you weren’t expecting.

                The last suspenseful that I found quite suspenseful, would be when the lady in the red coat was closing up her house to go on holiday. We see her locking up everything. Now, it was pretty easy to tell that she was going to die because it was too obvious to be honest.
                One point that really caught my attention and what I thought was quite unique was that before this scene had started, we see David in his house looking at the monitor (last shot). We see a strike of lightening in David’s last shot, but then the lightening carries on to the next scene which is when we go to the victim’s house. This caught my attention as the lightening help to bring those two scenes together and helped to show that these two scenes were somehow going to correspond with each other.
We see a lady, in a big, all by herself. The weather seems to be really rainy and thunder is present. This definitely foreshadows that there was something that would struck on to us, the audience. Her coat was Red, which could suggest death.
                Then just as she is about to leave, we hear a thud. This was quite predictable in my point of view. I thought that this was quite traditional of the victim just about to leave, but then gets distracted so then they have to enter the ‘danger’ zone once again. The LS of the lady trying to get the umbrella out of the pool, shows that the lady is struggling to get it out as it is. The fact that David comes along suddenly and drowns her doesn’t seem to be quite surprising at all.

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