Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Analysing of 'The Shining'

This scene is viewed in a format that immediately draws the audience attention and provides a feeling of suspense and anxiety, a sense described as a cliff hanging; this term is used due to the scene always keeping the audience guessing what's going to happen round the corner as the child turns. The tension in this scene gradually evokes at each turn the child makes, the audience get the feeling something bad is going to occur because of the use of sound, it begins at a slow tense soundtrack, creating this image that at any second something will appear out of nowhere and shock the audience, however, as the camera begins to view an over the shoulder shot of the child looking at the door, the soundtrack begins to play at a more faster pace creating more tension, more anxiety to the audience.

The tension builds as the audience view a long shot of the child and door, the sound increases even more as the child walks towards the handle of the door, at this moment we are kept guessing and thoughts/images, questions rapidly commence creating in our minds of a big shock, 'whos behind the door?'. The audience are then introduced to see a shot reverse shot of the child and the evil twin girls, the girls are only shown for a split second however, what showes they are evil is the expression on the little boys face seen through a close up view and the sound that runs the whole way through, the difference is; the pace on the sound, gradually increasing creating tension each time.

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