Sunday, 30 January 2011

Font: The Transporter

I loved the film transporter. It was absolutely thrilling. It made me jump at times but it was great fun to watch! I would say the font used on this film seems to be extremely bold and eye catching. Where it says ‘The Transporter’ we see flames coming out from the name and we could see slight pictures of the other main character in the film, the Chinese female. We also see the BMW 5 Series he drives in the name. These suggest that these things and people are the main elements of the film. I think the editor does this purposely in order for us to feel the action just by looking at its picture and make the audience feel as if there is more action to come our way. The orange color seems to give it a more exciting filling and the bold letters of the name of the film helps to make it seem a much more outstanding object from the picture and seem more ‘race’ type.I think this could be deliberately done pick its audience. This is because, it seems to be more to the male side of the audience as the writing looks bold and strong, something that a man would interpret to rather than a female! But nevertheless, me being a female, i loved it!

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