Sunday, 13 February 2011

Newspaper Practice: Evaluation

After our introduction to the camera we had to show everything we learnt in class and produce a practice film.

For our first practice film, all of the groups in our class were given a sheet of paper with a simple idea for it to be based on. Our piece of paper told us we had to base ours on someone reading a newspaper. We had to think of a idea involving a newspaper. We began brainstorming and put our opinions together and came up with an outcome. We decided to make our storyline humorous so we decided someone would be on the toilet reading a newspaper, while people were spying on him and breaking into the toilet. The group decided that i was going to be on the toilet while everyone else spied on me. 

We filmed loads of different shots types such as over the shoulder, point of view, low angle shots, extreme CU, LS, MS. The result of having a wide range of shots was really good, because it helped us make our film flow more consistently. Our group got on really well and managed to edit it as a team. We had loads of fun and made it even tho we had a short time to film and edit it.

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