Thursday, 3 February 2011

Analysis: The Classroom =)

It first started off with us having to plan the Jelly Bean Animatic. We had made all the different shots today. However, we were extremely unhappy with the result. The reason of why I believe that we were unhappy with it was because it seemed to be simpler when we had done it with the Jelly beans. On the other hand when we had started filming it in real life, it was extremely hard for us as we couldn’t find the right locations to be able to perform our scenes at. At first we thought the ‘break up’ scene was pretty well done, but after that, it just went a bit downhill! It simply didn’t make any sense!

Solution? Of course! We had to do it over again. We had to make up a new story and try and work our way around this in 5 minutes! So we concluded with having it very short and simple. When I mean very simple, I mean extremely SIMPLE. We had a new story. Our new story was about a boy who has a secret crush on a girl in his class. We see him ‘checking her out’ in lessons. This could leave a slight suspense of what may happen next. A romantic thriller in order to be specific.

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