Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jelly baby Animatic

In today's lesson, we had to produce an Animatic footage of two individuals meeting using jelly baby's. As a group we had to structure and plan our video as in the following lesson we would act it out. In total honesty, i did not enjoy the lesson, i found it hard aswell as my group, we did not have time to plan properly, add sound and therefore had to rush things and not end up as satisfied.

To begin with, we could not come up with a clear idea as a group and therefore could not begin taking pictures, as time was running out  we had capture any thought/ idea and work with what we had. We tried to use props from the table, I.E ruler to make an entrance for a wedding featuring the couple entering.

Once we had our idea, we took as many pictures as possible as we knew we could use final cut pro, to edit features and produce a decent Animatic.

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