Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Jelly baby animatic


In this lesson we were given jelly babies and told to take pictures of the jelly babies to make a short animatic. This meant that we had to create a short animatic with not much, leaving a lot to the imagination. Think of ideas to do with this concept was quite hard. Eventually our idea came to a jelly bean being dumped by its partner, getting over the sadness, meeting a new partner and getting married.  We created tableaux of our jelly babies and took different types of shots such as over the shoulder and birds eye view. This created a good effect considering we only had jelly beans. We used props such as rulers and folders to create the scene and help stand them up properly. 

We had a short amount of time to take pictures to get them ready for editing next lesson. Because of the lack of time we couldn't come up with a lot of ideas. We couldn't communicate it to the best of our ability to improve it. Our group became annoyed with the concept and we dislike it over all but i think we still got the most out of it.

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