Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Jelly Bean Animatic =)

In our lesson, we had to make an Animatic of another trailer that we are going to do next lesson. But the situation was that we had to use JELLY BEANS! As exciting as that was, it was pretty hard to actually get accurate shots of the jelly bean, but in our defense I believe that we had done pretty well. 

Our small Animatic was about a boy who had gotten dumped by his girlfriend. Nevertheless, the sum does not stop shining for him. His ray of hope shone down to him and there was a lady, a delicious jelly bean who comes to his rescue and proposes to him. We then see that the family gathers up and they’re setting up for the wedding. Finally, they walk down the aisle and get married. We had to do all of this by using a digital camera, not video camera. We had to take pictures of the whole story that we're trying to put together. It was extremely complicated as we had little jelly men laid around the table, but we have to face up to the challenge.

I know that this may have sounded too basic and boring, but constructing all this together was a lot of hard work. It was funny, when we would look back at the pictures, our hands were on the screen as well. Through our hands came out creation I guess! Now we have our next lesson coming in which we are going to actually have to actually make a trailer out of this. I think this activity was pretty useful as the groups can tell what sort of things they would actually have to do when it comes to point of actually starting to film our real one. With the help of the Jelly beans, it prepares us for what we would be expecting later on. Only it wouldn’t be Jelly beans, it will be Human beings.!

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