Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Introduction to cameras

Our class as a group was shown a presentation on how to operate our provided professional cameras. The presentation showed us how to safely use the cameras I.E. how to insert the battery and memory cards. We were told everything from turning the camera on, to how we can use the camera to its best ability. We also got shown all of the cameras features, such as zoom and . We were shown how to manually focus the camera, in comparison to using auto focus, which was sometimes better for tricky shots.
Our class were taught how to get the right frame for different shot types and how to capture better footage of naturalism and continuity.

An essential tool to this camera is the tripod.
The tripod is need to keep the camera steady and to get a fixed camera position .
The camera locks on to the tripod and it is important to make sure it is properly locked on otherwise the camera will wobble. In order to unlock the camera from the tripod we need to press the red button and unscrew the lever at the opposite side so that the camera can slide off.

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