Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Editing Programs

Final Cut Pro:

Confusing or what! But we managed. Through hard work, we managed to get it together. This software helps to create extraordinary editing and because of its easy and fast features, this helps to save time and get things done quickly as possible.
                But I’m really useless with iMac’s. I think it’s because I’ve never used an iMac therefore it is extremely hard for me to get the hang of it. On the other hand, by using this, we had managed to create our trailer. We had discovered how to do many different match cuts; for example, when we had a LS of Samir reading the newspaper, instantly we had an OTS of him turning the page. It was quite flexible after getting the hang of the Program. Then gradually, we started cropping out different areas that we did not need and was not relevant to our trailer and gradually we saw that the trailer was being produced through the help of teamwork!

Soundtrack Pro 3:

The honest truth? I don’t know how to use it! It looks too complicated. However I have sort of got the hang of it. I had discovered the different sound effects that it consists of. I was really surprised. It was great! I may not have the ability to use, but watching my peers attempt to use it was quite interesting.
There were many different things that we could do in order to make the sound of our practice trailer seem professional. Soundtrack Pro 3 enables you to be able to make mixes, enables you to be able to insert your dialogue onto the clip, help to get rid of unwanted sound and many more. It’s very advance and contains many different plug ins so you are able to make a good job out of your video.
In our groups we had to enable a sound track onto our videos in order to make our trailer seem much more entertaining and realistic, something that would make the audience want to watch it. We had used an upbeat background music through-out the whole video. I know personally that we could have had done much better i.e. add more sound effects or done mixes, however, we were extremely short of time! Nevertheless, I know that when we get the time comes for use to produce our own trailer later on, I’m pretty sure we would make a good job out of it.

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